Asimov revisited

We gave Asimov short shrift in class last week as we were running out of time, so I offer you this blog post about an interview he did in the 1980s in which he addresses some of the topics we have touched upon: “Isaac Asimov on the Thrill of Lifelong Learning, Science vs. Religion, and the Role of Science Fiction in Advancing Society.” Decades on, a lot of what he says is still topical.

Bonus marks

There are two more events in the Lorenzo Reading Series this term:

  • Nov 3 – Secret… by Kevin Donovan– Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre, 7:00PM
  • Nov 24 – Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill– Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre, 7:00PM

In addition, other literary/cultural events are eligible, such as Saint John Theatre Company productions or other book readings. Check with me when in doubt.

Remember: for each event you attend, you will receive 0.5% added to your final grade. For each brief review you write, you will receive up to an additional 0.5% added to your final grade, for a total of up to 1% for each.

Utopian architecture

imageJust came across two stories about utopian architecture: