Post-human indeed

The age of the cyborg,” Jonathan Stray, Columbia Journalism Review (Fall/Winter 2016):

Quietly and without the fanfare of their robot cousins, the cyborgs are coming to journalism. And they’re going to win, because they can do things that neither people nor programs can do alone.


Asimov revisited

We gave Asimov short shrift in class last week as we were running out of time, so I offer you this blog post about an interview he did in the 1980s in which he addresses some of the topics we have touched upon: “Isaac Asimov on the Thrill of Lifelong Learning, Science vs. Religion, and the Role of Science Fiction in Advancing Society.” Decades on, a lot of what he says is still topical.

Final exam

The exam for this course is scheduled for Friday December 9th at 7pm in the  G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre (row 4). You will have three hours though you likely won’t need the full time. The exam is closed book but you may bring one sheet of letter-sized paper with writing or printing on it. I would suggest the most important things to include would be the titles of the course readings, years of publication, and the authors’ names. Anyone making special arrangements to write, be sure to double-check those arrangements with Student Services.

Puppies &c

Here is the presentation used for the Sad Puppies &c discussion, with suggestions from the class added.

Addendum: Links to download class PPTs, when we had them, have been added to the schedule, as well as direct links to presenters’ blog posts on their presentation topics.

Click image to read “Dogs in Space” from the Science Museum (UK) blog. Photo of Belka and Strealka held by Oleg Gazenko after their space flight, 1960. Credit: Institute of Biomedical Problems, Moscow.

A.I., eh?

Three from the NYTimes: