Assignment: Blog entry/presentation

Blog entry due: The day before your presentation
Presentation due: The day we discuss your chosen text
Percentage of grade: 15%

1) Each student is expected to put together a substantial blog entry displaying research on their chosen text or writer. Entries can include links, visuals, attached documents (bibliographies, articles, etc.), and written text. They should be a combination of concrete information and links for further research. Any bibliographical material is expected to follow MLA format. Most importantly, offer your own analysis, and a few questions or suggestions for further thought.

Blog entries will be evaluated on:

i) breadth, depth and quality of research;
ii) inclusion of both concrete information, and resources for further research;
iii) organization of materials;
iv) quality of analysis;
v) quality of questions.

Note to all: you are expected to read each presenter’s blog post, before class.

2) Each student will make a presentation (15-20 minutes) at the beginning of the class in which their chosen text is being studied, the purpose of which is to introduce the text and frame the discussion. At the end of each presentation, the presenter will have some questions to initiate class discussion.

Presentations can include pertinent information about the author, and an assessment of how this text fits into the genre (comparisons and connections to other texts are encouraged). We are looking at each text individually, but also as part of a larger phenomenon, and your presentation, ideally, will reflect that.

Presentations will be evaluated on:

i) focus;
ii) organization;
iii) appropriateness of material; links to other course texts and/or discussions;
iv) quality of research;
v) effectiveness of questions; and
vi) presentation.