Length: at least one substantial entry per week
Due: throughout the term (I will be reading!)
Percentage of grade: 25%

Each student is expected to initiate and maintain a blog (a weblog) about the readings, class discussions, and related matters (such as other texts you are reading or have read). I will frequently post specific questions for you to address. Resources will be made available for those who are less experienced. There are a multitude of links here. As this is not a computer design class, emphasis is on content. You are expected to read and comment on others’ blog posts. This is an interactive exercise and your participation in the online class community will count towards your grade for this assignment.

Blogs/posts will be evaluated on:

  1. quality and quantity;
  2. thoughtful engagement with course texts and ideas;
  3. respectful yet incisive commentary on others’ postings;
  4. connections between the texts we are reading and larger issues; and
  5. readability/presentation (blog entries are not formal essays, but you are still expected to maintain standards of literacy).